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Where To Grow Marijuana Indoors

Deciding to grow marijuana seeds is an important rewarding decision. There are plenty of places around the home both big and small that are perfect for growing a personal amount of marijuana. Choosing where to grow is almost as important as what marijuana seeds to buy. In fact your choice of grow rooms is critical to your marijuana seeds success.

Weed is grown in all kind of places, perfectly built greenhouses, closets, basements, or spare bedrooms. Every place has its advantages in growing marijuana seeds and drawbacks too.

One critical requirement is you don't want any light to enter or leave the room. The brightness, but especially the color of the lamps will draw attention from your neighbors.

From the marijuana plants perspective it's even more importance no light gets in. The hormone triggering the process for marijuana flowering is formed at night and destroyed by light. Only if the marijuana plants are kept in total darkness for twelve hours per day will this hormone gain enough power to marijuana flower.

You want air to get in and out as much as possible. Circulating airflow is great for marijuana seed growth. Many marijuana growers circulate warm out of their indoor grow room into the rest of their home. Just remember to filter this stinky weed air first or it will dank up your home.

This is a great idea to keep home electricity bills low. You need electricity.

Ensure the room has plenty of electrical outlets. A nearby water source is also important. No one wants to run up and down stairs to a water source. Marijuana seeds require plenty of watering. Keep this in mind when choosing a room. The success of your marijuana seeds depends on the room you chose to grow in.

Here are some considerations when seeking a place to grow cannabis seeds. This isn't a complete list of places to grow marijuana seeds. There are numerous places around a home to grow cannabis. Many marijuana growers opt to purchase a grow tent.

These standalone rooms are excellent for growing marijuana seeds. However, they do need a place to assemble them. Before choosing the marijuana seeds to buy pick a good spot to grow them in first. Here are some places to grow marijuana seeds in.

The main problem with attics is the temperature, in summer it will get to hot in winters your marijuana seeds might freeze. Reversing day and night will help. Another problem with attics is they are often not high enough to hang up the lights.

Spare Bedrooms
Spare bedrooms offer good opportunities to grow marijuana seeds in. A problem could be the windows that have to be sealed, so no light can get in or out. Windows could be used to get fresh air into the room.

Most of the times basements will have a constant temperature and humidity, which makes controlling things a lot easier. Don't just simply place your marijuana plants on the floor, it will be too cold for the roots. Building a low (about 1-foot) table will not only prevent your roots from getting to cold, it also simplifies catching run off water.

Walk-in Closets
Small closet space is fine when choosing a place to grow marijuana seeds. These confined spaces require both an intake fan and outtake fan. Install a computer fan on both the bottom and top of the door to create excellent air circulation. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to grow marijuana seeds in a small space.


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