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Security in Indoor Marijuana Growing

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Before you buy cannabis seeds you should think about the location and its setup. It is an important issue in which security is a major factor. After all you want to grow marijuana seeds, which in many places around the world is illegal. Some easy-to-follow rules will help you keep your indoor plantation stealthy and outside the interest of the police. However, no tips and guidelines will help you if you start bragging about growing pot seeds to your friends and family. Believe it or not, but many growers end up in prison because someone close blew the whistle. That’s why the first security tip is to keep your mouth shut and keep your grow to yourself.

Secondly, remember to grow a moderate number of cannabis seeds. If you keep your plantation small, you will make it less interesting for the police. They won’t nag you when your growing just for your own needs. It’s simply because they don’t want to waste resources on small fish, but rather catch the big ones.

Furthermore, your greatest enemy is the smell of marijuana. Cannabis odor is very strong and easily recognizable by people. It can go through walls or spread through air vents. In the case of bigger grows (whole house or room), it’s hard to contain the odor. Introducing air-tight doors might help. If you have just a typical cabinet grow with a couple of marijuana seeds using a jar or two of any kind of odor neutralizing agent will help fight the cannabis scent. Some people also use carbon scrubbers, as they are effective in getting rid of the odor.

There is also the issue of light during the night. Your grow room should be blacked out so now lights are visible from outside. This is important for people who tend their plants during night as it is dangerous if a room in your house glows like a Christmas tree every night. People will notice it and may report it to the authorities.

Amateurs growing for personal use are often lured by prospects of easy money. This leads to their tragic downfall as they start a bigger thing and are soon apprehended by the police. When starting a grow house you become dangerously exposed. A big indoor plantation is a large hot spot on heat detectors that police helicopters use. It’s like putting a bull’s eye on your back. But this is the least likely thing to happen as your neighbors are the greatest threat. Growing weed seeds destroys the house, as in humid conditions mildew and mold will infest it. This can be easily spotted by your neighbors, especially that it may affect them as well. Moreover, they may become suspicious if you keep your windows closed and blinds shut all the time. The fact that you won’t have any guests and the only garbage you throw away are gardening wastes won’t help either. Generally house-sized grows are not recommended, as not only you have to fight the strong odor and emit a strong heat signature but also high electricity bills will look a bit dodgy and stealing electricity is a one-way road to prison.

Summing up, the most secure grows are cabinet-sized as they are easy to conceal and are not easily detected from the outside. You also won’t have problems with the police as they won’t notice if you are just growing for your own needs and not selling to others. When you buy marijuana seeds in bulk and plan to start a large grow than you are most likely to get caught. Big plantation means a lot of security issues and even one small mistake may put you in prison for years. That’s why I would recommend growing just a few plants and only for your own consumption.


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