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In our indoor marijuana growing gallery You'll find photos sent to us by various growers and friends. Do no t hesitate to share Your "merry" images with us ! :) Just send your indoor pictures through email with the strain and growing description and we'll be happy to add it here. Join our marijuana growing gallery !

Northern Lights

"This is my third attempt to a small northern lights plantation, this time it's bigger:] The one you see here is about 20 days old and I'm really pleased with it. The fresh Mary Jane's smell grips the growroom tight. Too bad I've got to go to work everyday, cuz I could spend whole day in my growroom."

Eugene, 46

Aurora Indica

I am 33 and living in west Canada. I've been growing Skunk Red Hair which appeared to be easier to grow than I thought it'd be and now decided to grow something maybe little more demanding. The photo shows one of three Amsterdam Indica plants that I am currently growing. I had some troubles with the HPS lighting but that has been solved and now I can't wait to taste those beautiful ladies;)


Unidentified Strain

"Greetings to all marijuana growers!! I wanted to present a photo of my little bush to you. I don't know what is this strain. I got the seeds from my friend and he didn't know that too. Maybe You can help me. It is 6 weeks old and very strong."



"My name is Hubertus. I purchased some seeds via the internet and This is what I've managed to grow in about 40 days. I don't have any professional equipment to lit and maintain it properly and I think that's why it has so small buds. But I can tell you it is very tasty and gives a mellow feeling of lazyness. And to my mind this is most important."

Californian Skunk

"Hi there. I live in Holland and I found your page on the net. I want to share my californian skunk growroom photo. It was done with the sodium lamps turned on, that's why it is so yellow. Recently I got a tip from my fellow, to put some plastic net on all the plants, to prevent them from falling and bending. The net is visible in the photo. These plants are ready for harvest. Oh what fun it will be :)))
Greetings to all growers on the net!"


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