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How To Successfully Germinate Marijuana Seeds For Best Results

Just as you would grow any number of plant species from seed, marijuana seed germination is dependent on certain factors that you as the grower can control. Some are external factors such as the right amount of moisture, temperature, light, air and lastly providing good soil conditions. You also have to be aware of exactly what strain of cannabis seeds you are trying to germinate. For example, many pure sativa strains require a higher temperature just due to the fact they come from a more temperate climate.

With that said, here is a basic overview of what happens during the germination period. Simply put, when you germinate marijuana seeds, all you are doing is the seed up from its natutal period of inactivity. This is done by exposing the seed to contact with water. A good tip to remember here is always make sure your water is at least room temperature.

Once your seeds have absorbed enough water during this presoaking phase, something wonderful starts to occur. First of all the seedling begins to form its life sustaining root system. And now that the growth cycle is underway, the next thing that happens is that the baby plant starts breaking through its shell. Once this stage has happened, it is now crucial that your germinating seedling receive plenty of oxygen! As we stated above, oxygen is one of the key components in the seed germination process.

If your germinating your marijuana seeds in soil, what you have to be careful with is your watering. Don't fall into the thinking that more water is better. It's not. To much water can actually prevent your seedling from breathing. In the worst case scenario, especially if you are using a soil medium to germinate, to much water can actually be quite harmful and literally drown your seeds. Just remember, the more air the better! This is what is known as aerobic respiration and this process is what your seedlings use until they have the ability to use photosynthesis to grow.

Now with that said, would you like some easy to follow tips for successful germination of your Cannabis seeds? You would? Ok, then read onward.

The Initial Phase – Presoaking Your Marijuana Seeds

The following method is incredibly simple and you don't need anything fancy to germinate your marijuana seeds this way. First of all, you'll need a couple of plates from your kitchen and some tissues or paper towels. First thing, moisten some tissues and cover one of the plates with a single layer. Now put your seeds on top of them and cover them with more moist tissues or paper towels. Now cover this with your second plate. This insures that the environment stays moist, kind of like a greenhouse, and also mimics darkness as if the seeds were put into soil.

Now take your plates with your cannabis seeds and put them someplace warm. Idealy you would like a temperature of around 21 degrees Celsius. An ideal spot is on top of your refridgerator. At this point you want to be sure to check your seeds for sprouts about every 2 days. When you check, spray the tissues as needed to keep them moist.

When you see the seeds opening and the tip of the root poking out, it's time to carefully move them to your selected growing medium. What you need to remember at this point is to plant each seed with the pointed end up, this is where the root tip is, approximately 5mm deep in the soil.

Germination In A Growing Medium – Method #2

This is a bit different than germinating your marijuana seeds in tissues and paper towels. With this method, you actually germinate your seeds in a growing medium. This eliminates the transplanting step and allows your seeds to germinate with minimum handling. Now you have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing your medium, but what you want to make sure is that the roots will get plenty of air. So choose a soil that contains elements like perlite or vermiculite to keep the soil from being compacted. This will also help in draining excess water. Many good seed starting mixes also contain components to retain moisture so you don't overwater.

Ok, with that said, here is all you need to do. First, place your seeds pointed end up in the medium at a depth of about 5mm under the soil. Make sure they are covered with soil and then water gently till just moist. Now you want to cover your container or pot with see through plastic. If you're using pots, use rubberbands to secure the plastic. This will create the greenhouse effect and keep the environment nice and humid. As soon as you notice your seedlings popping up, remove the cover to expose them to the air. That's all you have to do. The biggest choice you will have to make is choosing your medium. Anything from rockwool to peat pellets can be used as a germination environment for your cannabis seeds.

Germination In An Outdoor Environment

Let's be realistic here. Sure it's possible to germinate your seeds outdoors. But you have to ask youself, “Why would you want to?” Especially considering the expense of your seeds. You can control everything when you germinate indoors which leads to a much higher germination percentage than you could ever achieve outdoors. So, hopefully that's enough said on that subject.

The Best Germination Tip For Beginners

If you are just starting out, here is a piece of advice that will serve you well.When you first start the process of germinating your cannabis seeds, discipline yourself to do them in batches of 2. Why? Simple. If you should make a mistake in your efforts, your losses will be minimal and you'll have plenty of seeds for your next attempt. As you learn from your mistakes, you'll do better on your next batch. Another way to look at this is risk management. Risk little, especially as a new grower until you have everything mastered. Makes sense don't you think?


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