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Why Use HPS Lights For Confined Spaces

A single 70 watt light in a space as small as 1 sq. ft. growing marijuana seeds can produce enough for an average pot smoker until next marijuana harvest.
It's incredible sounding I know. But it's true.

There are marijuana growing methods that enable to grow small marijuana plants. In cramped or confined spaces.

Choosing the proper marijuana grow light is important to achieve fantastic results.

Small HPS lights are perfect for growing marijuana seeds in restricted space conditions. They produce the best light that is favorable for marijuana flowering growth. The spectrum is not the best for vegetative growth, but in a confined space it is not as important.

MH lights are available in small sizes, but they produce less light and more heat than their HPS counterparts.

Heat is an important consideration in cabinet-style marijuana growing. To get the most out of a small HPS light, you must keep the marijuana bud sites within the productive range of the bulb. For a 70 watt light the maximum distance is around 8".

Ideally you would like all your marijuana buds within that magic circle of light intensity, and you would like that sphere of light completely filled with marijuana buds.

How can that be accomplished?
With sea of green (SoG) or screen of green (SCROG) growing methods! The essential detail of the scrog method is a screen suspended between the marijuana plants and the lights. Marijuana seeds grow up to the screen and then are ''trained'' under the screen, resulting in a flat table of cannabis plant growth.
Because all the marijuana buds are growing at the same height, it is possible to get all the growth within the effective circle of light from the lamp, maximizing production from the space. It's really simple.

The other great method is sea of green. Sea of green was developed to maximize the speed of cannabis growing in limited height situations. In a typical sea of green setup marijuana seeds are planted at tight densities. Most indica dominate marijuana seeds stop short enough to be grown using this method.

Plenty of people are choosing compact flourscent lights. I prefer HPS lights as they give off less heat and marijuana seeds seem to like them better.

Confined space marijuana growing is a wonderful way to grow marijuana seeds. Choose HPS lights as part of your plans.


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