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Understanding Marijuana Fertilizers and PH

Only use the best marijuana fertilizers when growing your marijuana seeds. This will prevent some unwanted cannabis plan problems. Even when using the best marijuana plant food, problems may occur. Preventing problems when using marijuana fertilizers is, however, very easy.

It's critical to understand how to PH balance your nutrient solution. It's better to throw out a batch of marijuana fertilizer that is slightly over acidic or base then to use it. Potentially harming not helping your cannabis plant.

Do not think just because the numbers on your PH meter are little higher than they're supposed to be, it's ok. Because it's not.

Understanding how to PH balance your nutrient solution is critical to producing heavy yields. It's the difference between a so-so marijuana yield and super yield.
It's easy to overdo it with marjuana fertilizers.
Especially as you see the results.
Many marijuana growers begin to see the great results and begin to over fertilize their plants.
Causing serious problems.

Purchase a PH meter to use when mixing up your marijuana nutrient solution. Pay very close attention because PH can make or break your marijuana plants. 6.7-6.2 is best to ensure there is no nutrient lock-up occurring.

Marijuana plant nutrients will leave behind salts that will eventual build up in the soil. Most marijuana fertilizers cause ph change in soil. Adding marijuana plant food directly to soil almost always results in a more acidic soil.

As time goes on this will cause problems for your marijuana seeds. Eventually the concentration of these salts in your marijuana plants soil will stunt your plants and cause browning out of the foliage. As the marijuana seeds gets older its roots will become less effective in bringing marijuana plant food to the leaves.

To avoid the accumulation of these salts in your marijuana seeds soil you can spray nutrient solution onto the plant. Just not during the marijuana flowering phase. Dissolve your marijuana fertilizers in warm water and spray the mixture directly onto the foliage. Be careful when spraying your marijuana plants not to spray your lamp.

It's best to stop fertilizing your marijuana seeds two weeks before harvest. During the final two weeks flush your marijuana plants with clean water only. This will flush out remaining fertilizers. Marijuana plant food will help improve the taste of the finished marijuana buds.


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