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Deficiencies of micronutrients: Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron and Sulfur

Almost every grower, who has planted cannabis seeds before, knows about the basic nutrients (potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus) and can recognize when their plants are suffering from deficiency of one of them. Unfortunately, some of the less experienced people who buy marijuana seeds do not care or are not aware of importance of other nutrients, namely magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron and sulfur. This article will provide general information about the symptoms and solutions to deficiencies of these elements, so that the growers can happily see their plants bloom beautifully and give the expected yield from the weed seeds type they plant. The first nutrient covered is magnesium (Mg). Low levels of it can be spotted on the lower and middle leaves, which will develop yellowish patches between the green veins. The leaves may also curl up and wilt. Generally speaking not enough magnesium will cause lower than expected harvest. As magnesium is stored in soil to fight the deficiency we need to keep the root zone at 21-24 degrees Celsius. The plant should be watered with a 2% solution of Epsom salts or if you want to use organic sources add some old, rotten horse or turkey manure. Obviously, to prevent the deficiency we should use fertilizers which have magnesium.

The second mineral discussed is zinc (Zn), which deficiency is very common. Not enough zinc will cause the leaves to contort and the blades of new leaves will be small. Moreover, the leaves will whiten around the tips and between the veins. Lack of zinc will also cause inter-veinal chlorosis. We should provide enough zinc for the plant otherwise the growth can be stopped and our plant won’t have new buds and leaves. If we realize that our plant is in need of zinc, we should flush the growing medium with some fertilizers rich in Zn or alternatively bury some galvanized nails in the soil. Such sources of zinc will be absorbed by the roots grown from marijuana seeds and revert the symptoms of Zn deficiency.

Manganese (Mn) is a nutrient which deficiency is caused by large amounts of iron (Fe) in the medium and high pH level. The symptoms of Mn deficiency are inter-veinal chlorosis of young and older leaves and dead spots on heavily affected leaves. This deficiency will decrease the growth, so our pot seeds won’t grow into plants as big as expected. The growers should flush their plants with clean water containing half of the normal amount of nutrients or foliar feed with any chemical fertilizer that has manganese.

Next nutrient we should worry about is iron (Fe). The deficiency of this mineral is common in environments that have pH of 6.5 or above. It can identified easily as new leaves are pale green and their veins will turn dark green. In more severe lacks of Fe the leaves will yellow and develop inter-veinal chlorosis, finally they may wilt and drop. First thing to do when treating the Fe deficiency is to lower the pH to levels below 6.5 and stop using fertilizers rich in Mn and Zn. We should also spray the plants with rusty water or simply a fertilizer containing iron. If you want to go for organic sources of iron, you should use horse, chicken or cow manure. Finally we will look into sulfur (S), which deficiency is similar to one of the macronutrients - nitrogen. This means that not enough S will cause the plants to yellow, especially the young leaves. In extreme cases we can spot leaves turning purple and hook downward. Inter-veinal yellowing is also a common symptom of S deficiency. Combating such problem involves lowering pH to levels between 5.5 and 6 and adding inorganic sulfur, for example in the form of Epsom salts solution (1 teaspoon for 4 liters of water) . If we want to use organic source of S, we should use animal manure or some mushroom composts.

As you can see keeping balanced levels of micronutrients is as vital for proper growth of our marijuana seeds as the major nutrients. Growers should monitor their plants to detect deficiencies as soon as possible so the damage they cause isn’t so severe. To prevent any problems caused by deficiencies our plant should be fertilized with substances containing complete nutrient mix. So the next time you decide to buy cannabis seeds don’t forget to get organic or chemical sources of micronutrients too.


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