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How To Grow Tall Sativa Marijuana Strains Indoors

Sometimes a weed grower just desires planting sativa marijuana seeds in their indoor grow room. Sativa marijuana seeds grow very tall and require plenty of grow room space to reach full maturity. Thus they require a bit more planning.

Some sativa marijuana seeds will produce marijuana plants up seven or eight feet indoors.

Many marijuana growers don't have this kind of space in their grow room to plant marijuana seeds that reach dizzying heights.

Yet the marijuana high and weed taste makes growing sativa marijuana seeds very desirable.

There are several things a cannabis grower who wants to plant sativa weed seeds can do to produce optimum results.

Firstly you do need a room with enough height for both lights and marijuana plant.

Sativa marijuana plants need supporting.

There are many different ways to support your sativa marijuana seeds.

One the best way is with a devise we call a yo-yo. This is a sprung loaded reel with about 2 meters of line in it. It has a plastic hook on the end.

The Yo Yo’s one for each tall type plant are hung at the top of the marijuana grow room and the hook on the line is pulled down and hooked round the the plant stem as soon as it starts getting tall enough to be floppy.

As the sativa marijuana plant grows it is wound round the line and the spring tension keeps the cannabis plant growing upright and straight.

Marijuana growers who opt to grow sativa weed seeds can also use FIM or other supercropping techniques to manage the height of their cannabis plants. Sativa marijuana seeds often take to supercropping much better than indica cannabis plants that tend to be short and squat.

By bending the cannabis plant more marijuana bud sites are created. Instead of growing lanky and upwards, the sativa marijuana seed is trained, by tying down, to grow horizontal. Sativa marijuana strains can take up plenty of grow room space even when using a supercrop method.

They are a joy to grow, but require more patience than other marijuana seeds.

Some sativa weed seeds are not first timer friendly.

Before embarking on the joy of growing a sativa marijuana plant be sure that your grow room and your skills are up for the rewarding cannabis challenge.


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