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Best Marijuana Fertilizers For Flowering

One your lights have been reduced to 12 hours on with 12 hours off your marijuana plants will begin to flower. To achieve optimum results use the best marijuana fertilizer. Choose marijuana plant food that will increase your marijuana yields. But do not over fertilizer.

After about two weeks of 12/12 your marijuana plant will begin to show signs of flowering. There is no other requirement to induce marijuana flowering other than to keep the dark cycle very dark. With no light interruptions. As this can stall flowering by days or weeks.

Keep humidity levels down in indoor marijuana grow rooms during the flowering phase.

Do not touch those buds! Touch only the large fan leaves if you want to inspect the buds, as the THC will come off on your fingers and reduce the overall yield if mishandled.

When do I turn my lights back to 12/12? Once your marijuana plant is over 12 inches.

A strict schedule of covering your marijuana plants and uncovering them will start your marijuana plants flowering. A light tight curtain can be made from black vinyl, or other opaque material, with a reflective material on the other side to reflect light back to the plants. This curtain can be tied with cord when rolled up to work on the garden, and can be velcroed down in place to make sure no light leaks in or out. Remember visitors should never notice your grow room unless you point it out to them.

I cannot stress enough that during the marijuana flowering phase, the dark period should not be violated by normal light. It delays marijuana flowering! Reduces marijuana yields. Also keep pruning to a minimum during the entire marijuana flowering phase.

What are best marijuana fertilizers to increase my yields? Flowering plants require plenty of marijuana fertilizers. Use marijuana plant food that is specifically designed for marijuana flowering. These uniquely created fertilizers have been tested to create heavy yields, resinous buds and fantastic tasting plants. When used correctly.

Marijuana flowering plants like very high P level foods, such as 5-50-17, but 10-20-10 should be adequate. Nutrients should be provided with each watering when your plants first enter marijuana flowering. The best marijuana fertilizers have plenty of trace elements in them. Not found in regular store brand fertilizers. Purchase marijuana plant food specifically geared for highly resinous plants.

Try to find marijuana plant foods that include these vital elements. So you don not have to use a separate trace element plant food too. Do not use a foliar spray during the marijuana flowering phase. Marijuana flowering plants should not be sprayed because this will promote mold and rot.


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