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Why You Should Choose Our Marijuana Seeds

When you deal with any business, you want to know a little bit about them to help put your mind to rest when it's time to place an order. That's just human nature. So let's take a few minutes so you can get more acquainted with us.

Here at our seedbank in Amsterdam, we have been successfully supplying growers all over the world with high quality cannabis seeds since 1994. We are driven to continually improve on the seed genetics that we have from both Tibet and Africa. We have taken this passionate approach with all of our cannabis strains so that we can offer you only the highest quality marijuana seeds and still be able to offer you what we like to call “low farm prices.”

To give you an idea on how much we value quality, the marijuana seed strains that we carry in our humble shop have been produced by breeding masters that have been responsible for many Cannabis Cup winners such as White Widow, the famous White Queen strain and Caramelicious. We currently offer over 40 incredibly popular varieties of marijuana to satisfy even the most discriminate growers.

We offer a very broad range of potent flowering indicas such as the ever popular Ganja Dwarf Lowrider. We also have a great selection of all time classics such as Afghan or Durban Poison along with the mind blowing 100% sativas from Africa. We then add to this impressive lineup high yielding hybrids that have been created with care to insure only the highest potency, growth stabilty, trichome coverage and of course pest resistance.

Another thing that you should know about us is that we stand behind our products. Since we take great care to insure only the highest quality seeds that are both fresh and ripe, we guarantee an incredibly high germination rate (90%) that is unheard of in todays marketplace.

We take a great deal of pride in knowing that we are serving a huge group of satisfied customers that span all over the globe. We also take pride in knowing that our loyal customers appreciate our attention to detail as much as they appreciate our hard work to bring them only the best new strains year after year. We value your trust when you do business with us and this spurs us on to further improve our wide variety of marijuana seeds.

We also believe in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. This starts the minute you place your order with us by providing you with the utmost in privacy protection. We use discreet packaging and 48 hour turn around when you order your cannabis seeds to insure your order arrives in a safe manner. We also offer a wide variety of payment options for your convenience that includes industry standard https SSL protection.

Should the need arise, we have a comprehensive order tracking system and a customer support department that is second to none!

The bottom line is that we value your business and we will continue to strive to earn your business at every opportunity.


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